Surprise Husband With Beer Tour

April 9th, 2017

Just about all men love beer. While the bitter taste tends to put some women off, it’s a universal fact that most men enjoy a nice cold beer at least once in a while. So if you want to surprise your husband for his birthday, or Father’s Day, or just because you love him and think he’s great, sign the both of you up for a Lagunitas beer tour in Petaluma. You’ll be very glad you did. Here’s some of the reasons why:

Fun and Informative

A Lagunitas beer tour is both entertaining and imparts some interesting knowledge too. The environment is laid back and casual with a good sense of humor flowing throughout. You’ll love visiting Lagunitas Brewing on your Lagunitas beer tour because not only is the tour a great time, but the beer is out of this world.

Learn How It All Began

The brewery tour lasts about 1 hour and is free, as are the tastings, however tastings are mainly done on weekdays, so you should keep this in mind. Your tour guide will be very knowledgeable and you will hear the story of how Lagunitas got its start. For anyone who hasn’t heard the story it is very entertaining. Plus there is a discussion of the concept design of the brewery too. So if your husband is a bit of a history buff he should enjoy that part of the tour, and if he’s into why buildings are created the way they are, and why the layout inside is the way it is, he should learn a few things about that as well.

Friendly Atmosphere

There are always locals stopping by so you can have some friendly conversations with little effort, meet a few fellow beer drinkers and just enjoy comparing favorite beers, although in general people seem to feel that they are all good.

So Lagunitas makes a great place for a casual day trip if you feel in the mood. Limo Service Modesto can provide you with transportation services to the brewery. It is definitely worth doing the tour and visiting the merchandise store and even having a bite to eat if you have the time. If you treat him to this highly recommended tour, etc., your husband will be thrilled and so will you. It’s the kind of place where you just can’t help but enjoy yourself.





Tips for Renting a Limo for Prom

September 8th, 2015

With prom season here, parents and high schoolers are calling around for limo and party bus rentals for prom.  Here are a few tips and advices from San Francisco Party Bus to help you become better prepared in finding the right transportation for prom.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.26.55 PM

  1. Find a limo company in the city or closest to the city that you are departing from.  Some companies will charge more for fuel cost if there is extra travel involved.
  2. Call 1-2 months in advance.  Limos book up extremely fast for prom on the weekends.  Some weekends book up a month in advance.  So call early if you want to find decent transportation.
  3. Find out if the cost includes driver’s tip, taxes and fuel.  Some companies do not include these extra surcharges in their quotes.  Some companies will quote a prices plus tip.  Others will quote price plus taxes plus tip.  And some will offer an all-inclusive quote.  Find out what your potential total cost will be so that you are comparing apples to apples.
  4. Ask to see photos of the limo or to see it in person to be sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  Many limo companies do not have physical offices.  Their vehicles are parked in certain lots so it is always better to ask.
  5. Find a company that is reputable and has many positive reviews.  Because there are so many limo companies around, it is hard to know which is best to go with.  Besides price shopping, we recommend that you also check on Yelp or Google plus for the companies which have the most numbers of positive reviews.
  6. Find out if a deposit is required to reserve the limo and how much.  Some require only credit card info to hold, others require $200 and some up to 50%.  And find out if the deposit is refundable or non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
  7. Ask about their cancellation policy.  As mentioned previously, there is the possibility of not receiving your deposit back on cancellation.  Some companies will return the deposit if cancellation occurs before a certain time.
  8. If you are booking a limo or party bus for a large group, make sure that most of the people in the group are committed before you book and put down a deposit.  Many high school students are caught in situations where people start dropping out and you are left with not enough people to fill the limo and afford the cost.  And therefore, you end up losing your deposit.  So, it is always better not to rush into booking a limo due to pressure.

These are just a few tips to follow when looking for transportation for prom.  Hopefully you find it helpful.

Why I Chose a Limo Company Over Taxi for Airport Service

May 26th, 2015

Many of you may not be aware but many limo companies provide airport transportation services much like taxi and shuttle companies.  You many even appreciate limo airport services over others because of the comfort, cleanliness and reasonable price.  The cost often depends on distance, however if you are traveling from the airport to a local city, you can get a Town Car Sedan for as cheap as $65 one-way.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.34.01 PM

When I found out about limo airport services, I called a local limo company in Santa Cruz and booked a Sedan from my home to the San Jose International Airport.  Since it was 45 minutes away, the total cost came to $120 all-included, which is very reasonable and equivalent or possibly cheaper than riding in a taxi.  You can click here to find out more about this company.

Besides the fair price, I was most pleased at the fact that there was so much room in the Town Car, phone charger, complementary water bottle and was extremely comfortable.  Not to mention door and luggage service at pick up and drop off.  I was so pleased with the convenience that I decided to use them again for my return trip home.

The company is on top of it with airport services, checking flight times to ensure on time arrival and accurate pick up time.  I received a text from my driver a few hours before take off to text or call him once I had exited the plane.  I was given specific directions on where to meet him and the rest is history.  He swooped me up in the Town Car and I was on my way home.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.35.25 PM

Town Cars aren’t the only form of airport transportation available.  If you have more than 4 passengers, you can also request a 7-passenger SUV or a stretch limo, such as the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo, which come in many size–6, 8, and 10 passenger– with trunk space.

I only bring all this up because I knew nothing about limousine companies and always had the preconceived notion that people who had money rented limos or that they were only rented for show.  Who knew that they are actually used quite commonly for basic transportation services like airport and corporate.  The next time you look into convenient and reliable airport service, I would like recommend calling a few reputable companies in your area.  Search them by reviews and get quotes.  Make price comparisons, find out who has consistently good reviews, even for airport service and book your car.  Once you go with a limo company for all your travel needs, you may never go back.

A San Francisco Treat

January 5th, 2015

Iconic San Fran; the blue collar, progressive urban metropolis. There’s just so much to see and do in San Francisco, even if you’re from there or have lived there before. Visiting San Francisco over a more higher-profile city of Hollywood should be a no-brainer, unless your life revolves around TV and movies, but even then you’ll find plenty of entertainment and history here.  Rent yourself a limo in San Francisco or a limo Oakland and take a city tour of beloved San Francisco and all of its iconic landmarks.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.39.49 AM

A True Melting Pot

No pun intended, honestly. With San Francisco, the first things that come to mind are usually its landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the trolley cars, the hilly roads lined with colorful houses, and, most likely the diverse people. The best part of any vacation is meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, in my opinion. I’m sure many will agree, the places you travel are only memorable if you learn something significant along the way. Sure, the food, sight-seeing, and shopping is fun, but to really experience San Fran, you have to get a good tour guide to show you the heart of the city.

Visit all the corners of Chinatown and the legendary fish market; Ocean Beach, where you’ll find amazing seafood, iconic windmills, a zoo, and the Golden Gate park; the Castro District where the gay community and Spanish community provides rich culture and amazing bars; and Fillmore, a fusion of black and Korean culture, Jazz bars, Japantown, and some of the most luxurious properties in the city. Don’t just stick to the touristy districts and read the history through pamphlets, get out there and go see it all!

Staying Comfortably

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet, but is undeniably going to come into the equation for your trip to San Francisco is the cost, particularly the cost of living. You’re not going to find too many affordable options if you want have all the modern amenities that come with most 3-Star hotels. Although, one thing you won’t get in many major cities is the luxury of staying in a hotel that is more than a century old, with amazing atmosphere and solid construction that makes it feel like you’re staying in a penthouse suite. No worrying about being stuck next door to a dysfunctional family or rambunctious children banging on the walls.

If your trip is very budget-conscious, there are plenty of other options throughout San Francisco. You can find some nice little bread and breakfast inns outside the expensive areas of town like the Financial district or SoMa, where you’ll be hard-pressed to find affordable lodging, due to the proximity their hotels are from the high-end shopping centers and celebrity restaurants. Union Square has more of a mix of shops and places to eat, I would ask the locals where they like to go to see which place is worth their sticker-price. Whatever you do, though, avoid Nob Hill. The name speaks for itself, this place is the wealth bubble that represents the opposite of everything San Francisco stands for. Even wealthy people prefer to hang out in places like Chinatown any day over boring, gentrified places like that.

Wine Country– A Feast For The Senses

December 29th, 2014

The California wine country is a feast for the senses. You really have to experience it in order to understand why there is so much praise and loyalty towards the region. This are encompasses the famous Napa and Sonoma valleys. Planning a trip to a vineyard has to be done in advanced, there’s just so much to see and do, you’ll want the best accommodations and guides to make sure you get your money’s worth. You could do it all on your own, or you could be pampered and lead by the best limousine tours and lodging travel packages in the country.

Napa Valley sign before you enter Napa Valley in Autumn

Choosing your destination

In the Napa Valley alone, there are over 300 winery locations like Beringer, Raymond, and Sterling. Sonoma has almost as many wineries, with Kamen and Kenwood among favorites. You’ll just have to do some research and get advice on which location has the best location and price for your trip.

If you decide you can’t pick just one and you plan on making your trip to wine country a multi-day affair, you can get with a tour agency that guides you through all the best wineries and scenic routes, while sipping on the best wine in the comfort of a limousine or bus. Another attractive feature of guided tours is that you will undoubtedly learn more about the history of California’s wine country than having to do everything by yourself and being in the right state of mind to absorb the rich history around you. Not that it can’t be done, it’s just much more difficult while juggling everyone alone.

Being a responsible wine-a-holic

What better way to enjoy the most that wine country has to offer than by leaving the designated driving to a professional chauffer? Either try to get one included in a travel package or simply hire one and include your itinerary with any one of the limo services that operate in wine country. After that, enjoy the sights of amazing vineyards and California skies.

The price for renting a limo can vary widely, based on your ability to get a deal before your arrival. Typical limousine rentals charge by the hour, but wine trip packages can give you a flat rate, so you don’t have any unexpected charges. You’ll also need to check with the wineries that you plan on visiting, as some do not accept large parties, especially the smaller, old fashion vintage wineries.

Finally, you can save a lot on your wine tour trip to wine country, depending on your choice of accommodations. There are many nice little bread and breakfast place and hostels to stay that will make your trip more personable and affordable. The, of course, you could upgrade all the way to the best Inn and Spa luxury hotels located right in the center of wine country, giving you the best location and amenities. These high-end hotels usually include deals with the wineries and limousine services, at a premium, of course.