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Wine Country– A Feast For The Senses

Monday, December 29th, 2014

The California wine country is a feast for the senses. You really have to experience it in order to understand why there is so much praise and loyalty towards the region. This are encompasses the famous Napa and Sonoma valleys. Planning a trip to a vineyard has to be done in advanced, there’s just so much to see and do, you’ll want the best accommodations and guides to make sure you get your money’s worth. You could do it all on your own, or you could be pampered and lead by the best limousine tours and lodging travel packages in the country.

Napa Valley sign before you enter Napa Valley in Autumn

Choosing your destination

In the Napa Valley alone, there are over 300 winery locations like Beringer, Raymond, and Sterling. Sonoma has almost as many wineries, with Kamen and Kenwood among favorites. You’ll just have to do some research and get advice on which location has the best location and price for your trip.

If you decide you can’t pick just one and you plan on making your trip to wine country a multi-day affair, you can get with a tour agency that guides you through all the best wineries and scenic routes, while sipping on the best wine in the comfort of a limousine or bus. Another attractive feature of guided tours is that you will undoubtedly learn more about the history of California’s wine country than having to do everything by yourself and being in the right state of mind to absorb the rich history around you. Not that it can’t be done, it’s just much more difficult while juggling everyone alone.

Being a responsible wine-a-holic

What better way to enjoy the most that wine country has to offer than by leaving the designated driving to a professional chauffer? Either try to get one included in a travel package or simply hire one and include your itinerary with any one of the limo services that operate in wine country. After that, enjoy the sights of amazing vineyards and California skies.

The price for renting a limo can vary widely, based on your ability to get a deal before your arrival. Typical limousine rentals charge by the hour, but wine trip packages can give you a flat rate, so you don’t have any unexpected charges. You’ll also need to check with the wineries that you plan on visiting, as some do not accept large parties, especially the smaller, old fashion vintage wineries.

Finally, you can save a lot on your wine tour trip to wine country, depending on your choice of accommodations. There are many nice little bread and breakfast place and hostels to stay that will make your trip more personable and affordable. The, of course, you could upgrade all the way to the best Inn and Spa luxury hotels located right in the center of wine country, giving you the best location and amenities. These high-end hotels usually include deals with the wineries and limousine services, at a premium, of course.