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Why I Chose a Limo Company Over Taxi for Airport Service

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Many of you may not be aware but many limo companies provide airport transportation services much like taxi and shuttle companies.  You many even appreciate limo airport services over others because of the comfort, cleanliness and reasonable price.  The cost often depends on distance, however if you are traveling from the airport to a local city, you can get a Town Car Sedan for as cheap as $65 one-way.

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When I found out about limo airport services, I called a local limo company in Santa Cruz and booked a Sedan from my home to the San Jose International Airport.  Since it was 45 minutes away, the total cost came to $120 all-included, which is very reasonable and equivalent or possibly cheaper than riding in a taxi.  You can click here to find out more about this company.

Besides the fair price, I was most pleased at the fact that there was so much room in the Town Car, phone charger, complementary water bottle and was extremely comfortable.  Not to mention door and luggage service at pick up and drop off.  I was so pleased with the convenience that I decided to use them again for my return trip home.

The company is on top of it with airport services, checking flight times to ensure on time arrival and accurate pick up time.  I received a text from my driver a few hours before take off to text or call him once I had exited the plane.  I was given specific directions on where to meet him and the rest is history.  He swooped me up in the Town Car and I was on my way home.

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Town Cars aren’t the only form of airport transportation available.  If you have more than 4 passengers, you can also request a 7-passenger SUV or a stretch limo, such as the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo, which come in many size–6, 8, and 10 passenger– with trunk space.

I only bring all this up because I knew nothing about limousine companies and always had the preconceived notion that people who had money rented limos or that they were only rented for show.  Who knew that they are actually used quite commonly for basic transportation services like airport and corporate.  The next time you look into convenient and reliable airport service, I would like recommend calling a few reputable companies in your area.  Search them by reviews and get quotes.  Make price comparisons, find out who has consistently good reviews, even for airport service and book your car.  Once you go with a limo company for all your travel needs, you may never go back.