Surprise Husband With Beer Tour

Just about all men love beer. While the bitter taste tends to put some women off, it’s a universal fact that most men enjoy a nice cold beer at least once in a while. So if you want to surprise your husband for his birthday, or Father’s Day, or just because you love him and think he’s great, sign the both of you up for a Lagunitas beer tour in Petaluma. You’ll be very glad you did. Here’s some of the reasons why:

Fun and Informative

A Lagunitas beer tour is both entertaining and imparts some interesting knowledge too. The environment is laid back and casual with a good sense of humor flowing throughout. You’ll love visiting Lagunitas Brewing on your Lagunitas beer tour because not only is the tour a great time, but the beer is out of this world.

Learn How It All Began

The brewery tour lasts about 1 hour and is free, as are the tastings, however tastings are mainly done on weekdays, so you should keep this in mind. Your tour guide will be very knowledgeable and you will hear the story of how Lagunitas got its start. For anyone who hasn’t heard the story it is very entertaining. Plus there is a discussion of the concept design of the brewery too. So if your husband is a bit of a history buff he should enjoy that part of the tour, and if he’s into why buildings are created the way they are, and why the layout inside is the way it is, he should learn a few things about that as well.

Friendly Atmosphere

There are always locals stopping by so you can have some friendly conversations with little effort, meet a few fellow beer drinkers and just enjoy comparing favorite beers, although in general people seem to feel that they are all good.

So Lagunitas makes a great place for a casual day trip if you feel in the mood. Limo Service Modesto can provide you with transportation services to the brewery. It is definitely worth doing the tour and visiting the merchandise store and even having a bite to eat if you have the time. If you treat him to this highly recommended tour, etc., your husband will be thrilled and so will you. It’s the kind of place where you just can’t help but enjoy yourself.





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